Shannon Wilson  800.520.8938 ext 700

Shannon has served as Reach’s President and CEO since 2010, growing the company, its client base, and service offerings from the ground up since day one. He is also responsible for leadership, strategic development, and business partner relations pertaining to the company’s business. Shannon is aligned well and ready to be an asset for your company with 2 decades of experience and having managed technology for businesses in nearly all sectors.

Matt Wilson  800.520.8938 ext 701

Matt serves as Vice President and Area Manager for our western Kansas client base. He is also responsible for leadership, strategic development, and business partner relations. Conservative for you, real with you, and focused on you; you will find building a relationship with Matt comes easy.  Matt has a plethora of experience in this industry, and he is always ready to share it with our clients.

Brooks Wilson  800.520.8938 ext 702

Brooks serves as our team Service Manager. She makes sure our business is running smoothly and that our customer service is optimal. 

Randy Wieck  800.520.8938 ext 703

Randy serves as a Network Engineer primarily for our Northwest Kansas client base. Randy has a Masters Degree in ​Management Information Systems from Friends University and  continues to learn more every day -- a necessity in this line of business, and why we value him so highly.  Randy has supported technology in the healthcare industry for several years. He has over two decades of experience in the field.​

Osa Cox  800.520.8938 ext 708

Osa serves as a Systems Engineer for Reach Solutions.  Osa has built a great resume and reputation in supporting Information Technology in both the large industry market as well as small business. Often times "volunteered" to lead training sessions with end users, you'll find that Osa has a great knack for process documentation and end user satisfaction.  Our clients definitely reap the reward of Osa being on the Reach team!

Ian Blair  800.520.8938 ext 705

Ian serves as a Field Engineer for Reach Solutions. Ian works on a myriad of technical areas including firewalls, networking, and phone systems.  Ian is our resident "Johnny-on-the-spot", thriving in a fast-paced atmosphere and diligently rectifying many situations. Ian will never back down from a challenge!

Tarl Bestvater  800.520.8938 ext 709

Tarl joins our team from Newton and is a Wichita State graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Science and a minor in math. He comes to Reach with several years of experience with a national IT management firm, making him a natural fit to this position. Tarl has served as the IT administrator for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Kansas. When he’s not traveling he’s probably playing video games or watching movies. We believe Tarl’s knowledge and experience will propel Reach to new heights.

Scott Warren  800.520.8938 ext 706

Scott serves as a Field Technician for northwest Kansas and is adept in handling your IT needs in many capacities. Scott works on an array of systems such are computers, servers, and firewalls. Whether by phone or in person, he can handle anything you throw in his direction!

Jodi Duncan  800.520.8938 ext 707

Jodi serves as a Field Technician for Reach Solutions. Jodi has worked in the IT field since 1995 and is available to assist you with many day-to-day technical needs such as software support, program automation, database development, and graphic design. 


Rae Koehn 800.520.8938 ext 704

Rae is our team dispatcher. She sets our ticketing system in motion, tracking and dispatching tickets submitted via email, the self-service portal, and phone. She tracks and prioritizes ticket resolution processes to drive efficiency. Rae keeps in constant communication with our service techs, identifying emergency needs and repairs quickly, while keeping our techs mobile and focused. 

Curt Wilson  
Curt serves as a Systems and Network Engineer for Reach Solutions. Focusing on Server and Network management for us, Curt is apt to be the mastermind behind your complex environment. Curt has been in the field since 2003, giving him plenty of experience in supporting mission critical technology. You'll be hard pressed to find a problem Curt can't resolve. Curt is a leader and a problem solver, and we have him on the team to do  great things for your business!​​



Who We Are

 ​Our team here at REACH comes from similar backgrounds. Our staff’s integrity, ethics, and knowledge allows us to develop powerful relationships and solutions with our clients. The more we learn about you and your business, the better we can serve.  We won’t rest until you’re completely satisfied.

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Career Opportunities

Reach Solutions is always looking for a fun, dedicated, and self-motivated person to join our team. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you're interested in joining the Reach Team! 

Immediate Opportunities

We are looking for a Network Engineer to serve primarily our Central Kansas clientele.  This positions requires at least 5 years of IT experience, very thorough technical and service awareness, along with impeccable communication skills and someone who can thrive in a team environment.