Hector Reyes, Field Engineer

Phone: 800-520-8938, Ext. 713

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." This is one of Hector's favorite inspirational quotes. This is pretty telling of what you get when you get Hector: a no--nonsense, positive and encouraging attitude. 

He also enjoys grilling a mean ribeye, watching movies and playing board games with the family, exercise, and reading Lee Child's Jack Reacher novels. 

Hector was a state qualifier in soccer back in the day, but these days enjoys watching "real" football -- that is, if you consider the Cowboys a "real" football team... 

Another Kansas-grown techie, Hector comes to us by way of the city of free land, Marquette, Kansas!  Hector is a proud father of three, and husband to Gin, a physical therapist at Bethany College. He is a US Army Sergeant, and competes in Brazilian Jiujitsu. All this makes him sound rather austere, but he's pretty much putty when it comes to his baby girl. (You can certainly see why in the photos below!)