Small and medium businesses have critical line-of-business applications that are vital to everyday operations. And yet over 60% of businesses fail to protect themselves properly. Our business continuity and disaster recovery (BDR) solutions are designed to ensure that your critical servers and applications receive no downtime even during situations of complete server failure.

Making a backup and disaster recovery plan calls on you to take a long, hard look at your business, at your processes,
your software, and so on. And let’s face it, taking the time to evaluate your business so you know how everything’s
working together, what’s most important, and what’s pulling you back is always a good thing.

It seems obvious, but sometimes the truth gets lost in the scuffle. Every time you’re hit by a disaster, whether large
or small, catastrophic or simply annoying, your ability to operate your business is compromised. Even if it’s not
something that keeps you from interacting with your customers, it drains your resources, and that keeps you
from making as much money as you could.

Having and implementing a solid backup and disaster recovery plan can help you keep your business running
24/7 so that you can make money doing what you do.

We take great pride working with business owners to thoroughly evaluate all aspects of their business, implementing improvements to processes, writing a continuity plan for challenges of all sizes, and then testing these plans.