Dalton scored a "1" in piano at regional piano competition. Maybe he and Russ could start a REACH band!?

Phone: 800-520-8938, Ext. 214

Dalton Street, Field Technician

Dalton is our school district specialist, so we've stamped him "USD". He is a tremendous help with the districts, doing basic staff repairs, chromebook management, and all kinds of troubleshooting. (He can tell you stories of what happens when middle-schoolers have chromebooks.) As you can imagine he's kept quite busy.

However, when he does get some time off, he enjoys fishing--probably a little too much if that's possible--setting lines for flathead. He also takes a trip annually to float the Missouri River. Other than that, you can find himi playing tennis, gaming on the beautiful PC he built, or jamming out as a one-man band: he plays keyboards, guitar and drums.

"Sacrifice today, success tomorrow", is a philosophy that Dalton embraces. That's pretty impressive coming from a "Gen Z'er" in an "instant satisfaction" world! Dalton has learned at a young age that there are no shortcuts to true success. 

Dalton lives in Marquette, Kansas