Ian Blair, Field Engineer

Ian entered the RSI workforce straight out of Southeast Technical college in 2016 as a Field Engineer. Ian is our resident "Johnny-on-the-spot", thriving in a fast-paced atmosphere and diligently rectifying many situations.

Tarl & Ian at a customer site

When Rae doesn’t have him running all over kingdom come servicing end user requests, Ian enjoys the John Wick action film series whose genesis is about a man who tracks down thugs that killed his dog. If you’ve seen Ian with his “baby”, Dante, a black lab-great Pyrenees mix, you’d understand why this speaks to him. 

Ian can smoke a mean brisket. He enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, especially with MEAT, and claims to have the corner on how to prepare steak. Ian is also a music buff, enjoying all types of genres, but has a bit of an old soul as he favors old time rock n’ roll. (We haven’t had the heart to tell him most of those guys have, well, taken the “stairway to heaven”.)

Phone: 800-520-8938, Ext. 211