Jeff may be a small town boy, but he is also planet Reach's Obi-Wan--except instead of instructing lightsaber combat, he teaches axe throwing. Note that's axe throwing as opposed to axe grinding...two totally different things as axe grinding is something you may hear Jeff preach against on Sunday mornings.

Pastor Jeff and his wife, Danielle, are co-pastors of the MP Naz church in McPherson, where they landed after Jeff completed his Masters in Christian Doctrine degree in 2016. Jeff also has a B.S. in Psychology. This combination  may explain his super power: Customer Service.Jeff is empathetic and understands that IT can be quite frustrating, so he works hard to persist through issues, so that he leaves his customers with a smile on their face.

Jeff and his family enjoy playing games, watching movies, going to concerts, hiking, and taking family trips to check out local burger joints. His hobbies include playing bass guitar, watching the Royals, and playing video games.

Phone: 800-520-8938, Ext. 213

Jeff is the patron behind the "Little Free Pantries" you may see around McPherson. They are completely free and available as a blessing to all community members.

Jeff and his wife, Danielle

Jeff Black, Field Technician

Jeff says he likes cooking. Unfortunately cooking does not always like him..