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Randy’s passion is obviously in Healthcare, where he has spent a good deal of his time and talent. He currently server on the Board of Trustees at Cheyenne County Hospital and has also served his community as an EMT. He enjoys outdoor work; historically farming and construction until stumbling in to IT when he was injured doing construction work. 

Randy enjoys traveling with his daughter and is ready to hop on a cruise ship again to any tropical destination, despite the fact that his last cruise ended up in the path of a hurricane. Randy’s experience is an unparalleled asset – as our most seasoned team member, Randy is looking forward to the golden years of retirement but we’re confident he’ll continue working with RSI even then, as he’s logged a couple of decades in this field. 

Randy Wieck, Systems Engineer

Randy is a Systems Engineer for RSI in our northwest Kansas division. A true technical veteran, Randy has specialized in many IT areas including accounting, agriculture, education, and healthcare. Randy was drawn to the IT field in 1983, where he decided to acquire an “adult education” at Colby Community College with an Associate Degree in Computer Science. He liked school so much, he’s basically become a professional student, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management and Leadership, and a Master of Management Information Systems and has even embarked on a second Master’s degree in Health and Leadership.