Reid and Lori love Christmas and celebrate their anniversary at Christmastime.

Reid and his lovely and talented wife, Lori, are raising three men: Colton, Lucas, and Kaden. Life at the Raile house, as you can imagine, is pretty much nonstop. School, sports, fishing, hunting, farming, and lots of FOOD. Reid claims that he can throw a meal together with about anything in the pantry or fridge at lightning speed. Our guess is that the boys aren't picky...

Reid's love for technology was actually born on the farm in St. Francis, KS. He had discerned as a youngin' that pencil and paper wasn't a wildly effective way of extracting data to analyze genetics to develop more profitable breeding decisions. He was able to talk his dad in to purchasing an IBM computer with farm business software pre-installed. Between homework and sports, Reid would crunch the data and provide reports for his dad. And the rest  -- as they say -- is history!

Phone: 800-520-8938, Ext. 204

Mobile: 785-325-9922

Reid continued his technology career working as the Network Engineer at the KSU Foundation after attending Kansas State.But while attending college, he discovered a new passion: health care. Reid worked under Coach Snyder as an athletic trainer, was part of the Human Cadaver Team, and was an EMT for Riley County (and eventually Rawlins and Cheyenne counties.) Putting his peanut butter together with his jelly and combining technology with the health care industry has enabled Reid to live out his dream doing two things he loves -- taking care of people and finding ways to provide that care more efficiently.

Reid Raile, vCIO