Russ Kahle, Account Manager

Russ grew up in Wichita, but went to college at Emporia State, where he majored in music. He came to McPherson straight out of college and was the Orchestra director for several years before going back to school (Fort Hays this time) to achieve a Masters in Instructional Technology. He served the McPherson school district as the Director of Education Technology and Information Systems for 3 years before joining the Reach team. Russ is a quick thinker and will serve you well as Account Manager. His goal is to help you optimize network and system performance while minimizing unforeseen and unexpected expenses.

Phone: 800-520-8938, Ext. 206

"Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads." Russ and his wife, Angela, have 6 children. Lily, Sam, Anna, Lizzy, David and Logan. Their house is quite noisy, but in a good way -- there is no shortage of musical instruments in this house. And since mom and dad met and fell in love in Orchestra class in college, these kiddos practically have stringed genes.

They don't need roads, Dr. Brown. They need time travel to get to these kids' events!

Russ grew up as a Navy kid but received his secondary education at Wichita East. He enjoys movies (of course the techie-required Star Wars movies), and taking in an occasional Chiefs or Royals game. Russ got a kick out of coaching his daughter's little league team and may or may not ever do that again. The jury is still out on that one. The Kahle's are members of the LDS church in Newton.