It's said that when a raven lands upon your doorstep, a positive change is coming. Suzy's contribution has certainly ushered in changes that will benefit your business in measurable ways -- and in ways you may never know! Like the raven, Suzy is the keeper of synchronicity, acting as a messenger in the case of imminent danger, and she has the edge on tackling tough problems, just like her spirit animal (or at least what we are deeming her spirit animal).

Suzy provides insight, knowledge, and guidance to ensure your business environment aligns (and is audit ready) with compliance standards as well as business and technology standards. Suzy will also ensure that your business strategy is progressing toward fruition and is stagnant "nevermore". (Sorry--the Poe reference was simply too tempting to pass up.)

So what does our Raven do for fun? Well, she hangs out with Batman, of course! Suzy is married to Paul Velasco, who is also on the Reach team, serving as a network engineer. Paul and Suzy, more commonly known as "Michael's Parents", live in Burlington, CO, and like true Reach employees, one of their favorite hobbies is eating. Or, in Suzy's case, drinking coffee...all day...every day...24/7/366...(this is a leap year)

Suzy Velasco, Account Manager

Suzy also enjoys reading, doing adventurous things with her family (left), watching movies, and is an avid video gamer.

Travel Buddies.

Phone: 800-520-8938, Ext. 207

Batman and the Raven

Well, hello, Paul. Wait. Suzy?

Paul?? Suzy?? Tough call.